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Thursday, June 15, 2006 …

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Thursday, June 15, 2006 … The ball Two teachers in primary, Hambye in the Channel have made a having had the idea to teach children a song by Diam’s. This rap entitled "dumpling" was considered scandalous by some parents and the mayor of the town. So yeah yeah yeah tells the j’me kidding nan nan is not the school that I dictated my codes [•••] There’s a hate taste when I walk in my town is like a taste gene when I talk about my life is like a taste of bitterness among youth in 2000 was there as an error taste when j’vois suicide rates the chorus says proudly as "This is not the school that we dictated our codes. " It is the decline of the institution set song (later we hear "I’m not the town hall, me" which refers elected to a role they would take no more than the school). This song, popular among teens offers young people a grave picture of their life happily balanced by the energy and exhilaration of this artist. The musical arrangement is very happy and dancing with someone whistling in the background. Should we use with young children? This does not he raises issues of secularism? Should we ban everything that little shock? So many questions … To return to the media coverage, as often, we do not know all the elements of this "case". We need to know what the project and the specific circumstances. We remember the hype around "Herve Vilard in French tank" that hw market
deflated him even once known detail. Anyway, it seems that all this took an enormous magnitude that well also shows the operation of the school (mainly primary) under the constant gaze of parents and political institutions. In fact, I almost forgot two lines of the verses … "is like a taste of Africa in the coffers of France is like a taste of deme-demagogue in the mouth of Sarko …" Good Read .. . ———————————————- Release 15 / 06/06 Boule and Bill lose their master Jean Roba, creator of the famous comic strip, died in Brussels yesterday to 75 years. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 15/06/06 military discipline to get out of the "galley" the plan "second chance Defense", established a year ago, has been praised by a report from the economic and social Council. The young volunteers of this program are placed in a boarding subjected to harsh discipline to receive a discount at the school level and learn a trade. Read more of the article Bloch Pantheon Le Figaro launched in the Literary June 1, a call to the President of the Republic for the transfer of the ashes of Marc Bloch in the Pantheon. The idea, supported by some of our best historians, strong and beautiful. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 14/06/06 (delay of one day) Chop in national education This is the president of MEDEF Laurence Parisot who was responsible for yesterday morning com Government on cuts 15,000 Post officials announced yesterday: "the state conducts a real human resources policy, has welcomed it. The question is not to make additions or subtractions, but finding performance indicators, service by service. "For the boss of bosses, reflection must address" what productivity? to do what ? serve what purpose? Where will we strengthen the staff? where is he in productivity gains? ". And add advice to the officials: they can return to the private sector, which offers "600 00 vacancies" until 2015. Read more of the article "It is young people who will pay the bill" Gerard Aschieri, secretary general of the FSU, teacher job cuts are blocking any prospect of improving the school system. Read more of the article Young, future offenders … The associations are mobilizing against the Sarkozy law. Read more of the article "Ban the original language is absurd" Herve Adami is master of science conferences language Nancy-II. Read more of the article To the right language While Nicolas Sarkozy wants to ban the native languages, senators (PCF and the Greens) proposed a law to "the training of law" in the language of the host state. Read more of the article Regions want a "competence youth" Twenty years after the decentralization of schools, the Association of Regions of France boasts a large public service training and orientation. […] In twenty years the regions have built and renovated high schools, they have accompanied the population explosion of students, they "paid themselves their construction task," says Alain Rousset, President of the ARF and the Aquitaine region. "Now we want more," he added in stride. More ? This is where the contradictions arise. Alain Rousset, a strong advocate for greater regional autonomy "guarantee equal and consistency to public services," the leap of a claim of "Youth Skills": "We regret that the n regions’ have not the competence of a public service orientation and training. "This opinion is shared by many other presidents, who spoke at a conference in Lille on 7 and 8 June on the theme:" Twenty years of decentralization: the transfer of schools in regional projects for the youth. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 15/06/06 (paying) Nothing seen … ————————- ———————– the Cross of Nothing seen … 15/06/06 ————– ———————————- 20 minutes from 15/06/06 Aggression in Cachan: a teenager in review a teenager was indicted for voluntary violence yesterday in Creteil, after last Thursday aggression Associate principal of the college Victor Hugo de Cachan (Val-de-Marne). Several teenagers were arrested and heard Monday morning. Three hooded persons assaulted the Deputy Principal as it was returning home. They had hit on the head before lying around. After a strike Monday afternoon, teachers have resumed classes on Tuesday. According to the main, this has "all the characteristics of a PTA without having the means." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 15/06/06 Nothing seen … —————————— ——————- Le Monde 16/06/06 —————– Nothing seen … ———————– the Nouvel Obs Permanent 15/06/06 a song Diam’s a scandal in a school Two teachers have caused a scandal in Hambye in the English Channel, teaching a song by rapper Diam’s. They will change their position. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- Express daily seen … 15/06/06 Nothing ——————- —————————————- A selection in dispatches 15/06 / circular 06 school children "vast fraud" SOS Racisme SOS Racism said Wednesday the "vast fraud" the circular sent by the Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy prefects allowing them to "reconsider" the situation of irregular families whose a child is in school if they decline the proposals return assistance. Read more of the article Undocumented: Sarkozy does not have to set the "human problems" (Le Pen) Jean-Marie Le Pen, president of the FN, on Thursday denounced the circular of Nicolas Sarkozy on the review of the situation school children without papers, in finding that the interior minister has not set the "human problems". Read more of the article No school papers: Estrosi denounced an "attempt to manipulate" "The circular signed yesterday by the Minister of State does not indicate that among the criteria for regularization of families with one child in school, include the obligation to verify that the child is unable to speak the language of their country of origin. This is wrong, "he added. Read more of the article farms Six months in Bordeaux for the author of an attack in a college The Bordeaux Criminal Court Wednesday sentenced in immediate appearance in six months in prison a man of 29 years for strokes assault fist of a teacher College near Bordeaux, whom he accused of having "humiliated" her little brother in class. The young man, who had struck Monday two punches to the face of a professor of history and geography of Francois-Mauriac College of Sainte-Eulalie, was also fined 300 euros and a symbolic euro damage-interest. Read more of the article job cuts in national education "not fair" to President Bayrou of the UDF Francois Bayrou denounced Wednesday the planned job cuts in national education in the budget decisions for 2007 which are not in his eyes "not fair". Read more of the article The final sequence of the assault of a schoolgirl to a schoolgirl filmed Arcueil Arcueil (Val-de-Marne) was hit in late May by students of the institution, one of which filmed "the final sequence," did on Thursday at the academy inspection, confirming a report in Le Parisien in its edition of Val-de-Marne. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, June 15, 2006

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